Destiny 2 Gameplay Revealed

After being announced at the end of March this year, Bungie has finally held a gameplay reveal event for Destiny 2. The hour long event was presented live with lead Bungie developers, and provided us with a lot more than just a gameplay reveal.

Starting the event with a new cinematic, we see Commander Zavala, trudging around on a new planet. We are brought back to when the Tower was first built, and we also see the impending doom that the Guardians face in Destiny 2. Steve Cotton, the world lead, also gave us a lot more information on the story itself. Gaul is an enemy that believes he is doing the right thing. He wants to take down the Traveler and show the guardians the error of their ways. This leads to the Guardians losing their light, and along with it, their power. Now the Vanguard, and especially the leaders, are broken up, leading Guardians to face Gaul without their light.

Destiny 2’s story is going to play out on four new planets: Earth, Nessus, Titan, and Lo. Each planet is going to have it’s own large zone, with the European Dead Zone on Earth supposedly being the biggest zone that we have seen in a Destiny game, or any Bungie game. These new areas seem to have been upgraded this time around, as there is much more of an emphasis on exploration and RPG elements. Zones or Planets will have aspects such as treasure maps, adventures, and lost sectors. Adventures are side quests obtained from other npc’s that will bring players along on new stories. While Lost Sectors are essentially your open world dungeons. Navigating around these planets will also be easier now, as the map is being overhauled to show points of interest and events. Navigation will be less frustrating as well because Bungie is getting rid of the need to orbit before you change planets, though it seems like orbiting may still serve a purpose. Finally, planets in Destiny will be “so much better than just doing patrols”, as said by Steve Cotton.

As for game modes, the usual campaign mission, strikes, crucible, and raids will all be making a return. Bungie didn’t provide too many details on these modes, though we did learn a little about the crucible. The PvP game mode will now be 4v4 across all game modes, with one of the new game modes being Countdown. Countdown is their first attack and defend mode, and i’m sure footage will be released as players get to try out the game at the event.

 Unfortunately, we weren’t given any PvP gameplay at the reveal, but there was bits of gameplay and a trailer presented. The original three classes will be returning in Destiny 2, however, it was stressed that a fresh start was part of the new iteration. Guardian classes will be getting new supers, and most likely, other new abilities. Weapons will also be changing slightly; giving players more freedom over which weapons they use and where they are slotted. Though, according to Luke Smith, a fresh start means vaults and items will not be transferring over to the new game.

 The Social aspect of Destiny 2 was a major talking point for Bungie at the event. M.E. Chung, the social lead, came on stage and provided new details on the clan system. In game clan support is finally making its way to Destiny with features such as clan rosters, custom banners, and reward systems shared within the clan. Perhaps the most exciting information though, is the Guided Games. Guided Games allow clans to open up their parties to other players, especially for raids. This is a much needed change to Destiny 2, as there was no way for solo players to run raids in the first Destiny.

The final announcements involved Destiny 2 on the PC. This was revealed around the same time as Destiny 2, but now we know how PC players will be getting their hands on the game. Destiny 2 will be exclusive to, which doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering Activision owns Blizzard.

Destiny 2 is slated to release on September 8th with a Beta releasing sometime this summer. Until then, i’m sure we’ll all be jumping on any details we can get.

Watch the full event here

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