Fallout 4: Automatron Review

Finally, after a few months of building anticipation, we have been given a new reason to come back to Fallout 4. Bethesda, for the most part, have provided quality additional content for their games in the past. The good news is Automatron is no exception, and is not just some new cosmetic armor.


Once downloaded, you can access this new DLC if you are level 15 or higher. You will get a quest asking you to listen to a radio transmission. Doing so immediately starts the DLC quest line, and the action can commence. Most of the action in Automatron will consist of a large variety of new robot enemies, which was refreshing. There is also a fantastic new dungeon, that harbors new traps, enemys, and lore, quickly making it one of my favorite dungeons in Fallout 4. However, as I played on PS4, I encountered some gameplay effecting frame rate drops. In any area with a large number of robots, there would be substantial fps drops, causing everything to resemble a slide show and ultimately hurting the overall fun of the DLC. This might be different on PC or Xbox one, but I only played on PS4, so I can’t say for sure.

What the fps drops didn’t effect, though, was the story. The narrative for Automatron, was easily one of the best the overall game has to offer. It was interesting gathering new information on the Mechanist, and having a new robot companion by your side through the endeavor. The writing and the voice acting was also done very well, and brought a new and unique villain to the Fallout universe.

The last, and maybe the most important, addition in Automatron is the building of robots. Once you have met Ada and bulit your own robot workbench, you will be able to customize everything on a robot, from the color and mobility, to lasers on it’s head and axes for hands. To get new mod parts for the workbench, you need to kill different types of robots and take any kind of mod they have equipped themselves. Once looted, a mod will immediately be ready for use at the workbench. This new robot system adds another refreshing feature to the game, and is actually quite extensive once you get enough parts.


Automatron is definitely content worth adding to your Fallout 4, especially if you are a big Fallout fan. It adds new systems, a great quest line, and unique enemies. However, just be aware of the very noticeable frame drops on PS4, and most likely Xbox one, which can be very annoying, but aren’t prevalent enough to ruin what is a great new addition from Bethesda.

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