Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, Spider-Man PS4, and more revealed at D23

Disney fans everywhere have a lot to be excited for today, but for gamers in particular, we got plenty of new information on some huge games.

The D23 event started with Battlefront 2 right away, wasting no time to give us new reveals. A new trailer, titled Behind the Story, gave an inside look at the story behind Battlefront 2 and the process behind making it. The main story will be taking place after Return of the Jedi, lead by the main character, Iden Versio. Iden is a special forces commander that fights as the underdog to redeem the Empire. So far the story looks great and is something that Battlefront fans should be excited for.

Spider-Man PS4 also made an appearance at the D23 show, giving us the same kind of presentation as Battlefront 2 before it. Between some jokes and cringy banter, Insomniac went into what it means to write a story for Spider-Man and work on the game itself. The game will take place during Spider-Man’s prime as a hero, putting him at the age of 23. This also means that he will have plenty of major villains to fights. Here’s to hoping that Carnage makes an appearance!

The final reveal, and perhaps the most anticipated, was for Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans were given a brand new trailer that reveals a world we haven’t seem ; Toy Story. The new world looks fantastic and is sure to only hype fans up even more. Their excitement may be hard to contain though, as a 2018 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally given after what seems like forever.

2018 was already setting up to be a massive year for gaming, and with Kingdom Hearts 3 now added to the incredible roster of games, it may be one of the best yet.

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