Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Prior to The Force Awakens, I have had very little experience with any Lego games. I had played some of Indiana Jones, levels of the old Star Wars games here and there, and about an hour of Batman. However, I had never really sat down and completed a Lego game from start to finish. The Lego games always came off, to me, as very childish and not particularly a game that I would find interest in. The Force Awakens though, has changed the way I see these games for the better.


There are many words that could describe Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but at it’s core there is really only one simple word that comes to mind. That word is fun. In recent memory, there isn’t many games that are strictly just a short but immensely fun gaming experience. Of course, every game to some degree or even a majority of the time is about fun. But many games want to do more like show you their breath taking visuals, get you to learn their systems and be more skilled, or even just immerse you in an entirely new world with a gripping story. Then there is Lego Star Wars.

In general, there wasn’t much that really impressed me in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The aesthetic style was essentially the same as previous games, with most of the interactive pieces in a level being made of Legos and the land or backdrop being realistic textures from the given movie. The voice acting was decent and even the story was just a rushed version of the movie. What truly makes this game so fun is the mix of the comedy, the generic but enjoyable combat, and using different iconic characters to work together and solve the many puzzles.


It is clearly a point in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens to keep the came lighthearted and funny. Though much of it is humor more suited to children, like storm troopers in bathing suits, or bananas for guns, some parts did make me laugh. I enjoyed that the game didn’t take itself too seriously and that myself, as the player, shouldn’t either. This was also very apparent in the gameplay.

The combat in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t necessarily take any skill, and the puzzles aren’t really much of a head scratcher, but once again, this aspect is also clearly suited, not only to children, but to cater to everyone. Generic ground combat with the characters isn’t very exciting. Essentially, you just hit punch or shoot and the storm trooper dies and you get the little Lego studs. Boss battles could sometimes change up the pace of ground combat and allow for a more engaging combat scene, and as fun as the boss fights were, they didn’t happen very often.


The one part of combat that I did happen to like was the air combat. Flying at high speeds in the X-Wing while gathering pieces and taking down tie fighters was definitely the most enjoyable part of any combat. You also can’t really miss while in combat, so it does just feel like a fun ride at some points.

Another major portion of the gameplay is traversing the levels and solving puzzles. I did play a few levels in co-op and It was fun having to go separate routes to help each other advance. If I was Rey, I might have to climb a wall and let my friend, the droid, up an elevator so he can use a terminal. The puzzles also added more to the idea of laid back fun. When given the option to build something there may be multiple things you can build. I always took the time to see what each creation did, sometimes revealing fun secrets. Usually though, each creation would help get you further along in your adventure.


When all these aspects of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens come together, it allows for an enjoyable experience that is impossible to get annoyed with, and is just some casual fun. However, if there is one thing that annoyed me, it was the multiple bugs I ran into. A couple bugs would freeze my characters in random places, forcing me to restart the game. Others would cause random glitches on obstacles, causing characters to repeatedly die. They weren’t all over the game, but were still prevalent enough to effect the experience of the game.

My original thoughts on the Lego games weren’t completely changed after completing Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Obviously, the game is still built towards families playing together. However, I do see the appeal of the Lego games. They are a fun, laid back, and comedic game experiences that can be played by anyone, especially in a co-op setting.

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