Second Nioh DLC Announced

After releasing their first DLC back in May, Team Ninja is now ready to release their second DLC for Nioh: Defiant Honor.

In a PlayStation Blog post by Team Ninja’s creative director, Tom Lee, much was revealed about Defiant Honor. We now know it will be released this month, on July 25th as well as many story details.

Players will be taken to Osaka castle to face off against Sanada Yukimara, “the greatest warrior of all Japan”. William must face off against more enemies in order to get Maria back. Defiant Honor will also take place in the middle of a bitter winter.

Defiant Honor also brings players a new weapon known as the Tonfa, new magic items, guardian spirits, and new enemies. Like before, new stages will be added, and sub-missions will accompany those stages. Players will also get new difficulty levels and trophies to work towards.

The second DLC for Nioh, Defiant Honor, releases on July 25th in the PlayStation store for $9.99 or along with the season pass.

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