Smite reveals exciting changes in Mid-Season 4.13 Patch Notes Show.

As Smite reaches the half way point of the summer split, the future for this God based MOBA looks brighter than ever.

In a Patch Notes show with more information than most players could ask for, the mid-season patch, followed by future patches, will add a plethora of major changes and new content.

Project Olympus was the first, and perhaps most significant, change announced for Smite. With it, we can expect a slew of changes, most of which are quality of life based. Players can now expect to get a multi-queue match making system, a new picks and bans phase for Ranked play, and a changes leveling system. The max level for a Smite account now is level 30, but with the new change, max prestige level will be 160. Long time Smite veterans shouldn’t have anything to worry about though; as all your previous play time has still been accruing experience and should place you at a new level.

The First Project Olympus change that we can expect for Smite will be the new triumphant chests. These chests will serve as an additional daily bonus and can be acquired 4 times every week. The free chests will give players items such as emotes, boosters, and an exclusive cupid skin.


Many changes are coming to the base game as well, including buff changes in game modes such as siege, better optimization for the game, and new texture packs for Smite as a whole. Smite is a decent looking game as it is, so an all new texture pack should be exciting to those looking to step the game up as much as possible.

As for balance in Smite, some of the more drastic changes were introduced in this part of the Patch Notes show. Almost every relic in the game is getting some kind of buff or nerf, including nerfs for relics such as Sunder or Aegis. A new kind of item, known now as Evolving Items, will also be introduced further in the near future. This change adds more depth to Smite, as well as remove widely used items like Hastened Fatalis, in place of new item trees.

The last portion of the balance changes included multiple passive and ability reworks. It seems like Hi-Rez has actually been listening to player feedback for this patch, and gods that have needed slight reworks, like Nu Wa and Raijin, will get just that.

Finally, Smite teased a new druid Goddess, named Artio, who can transform into a bear. Not much was said about the new Goddess other than who she was, and we will just have to wait until later this month to learn more. However, Smite will be implementing it’s annual Summer of Smite event in the upcoming mid-season 4.13 patch. Plenty of new skins were revealed for the summer event, and more will be shown with each upcoming patch.

Players can expect to play the new patch on the  PTS today, or on the live servers next tuesday. Console players generally have to wait a couple weeks after. To read the patch notes yourself, go to

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