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Sonic Mania Review Roundup

Sonic Mania releases this week, and it appears to be doing something right this time. This latest entry aims to look and play much like the earlier Genesis iterations of Sonic, a change that fans of the series have wanted for some time now. Nostalgia and iconic gameplay seem to be the saving grace that the sonic series has been seeking.

Even the critics are impressed by Sonic Mania. High scores have been released all around, and the game looks like a promising new entry. The game releases tomorrow, August 15, for $20 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Due to a delay though, the PC release will be on August 29.

Below are the links to the reviews for Sonic Mania. Followed by the scores.


Polygon – 7/10

Gamespot – 9/10

IGN – 8.7/10

Gameinformer – 8.5/10

Metro – 9/10






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