Top 10 Features Needed in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Ever since I was invited to play the beta for the Elder Scrolls Online in January of 2014, I have been a big fan of the game. After its early access release in late march of 2014, I played ESO consistently for months. I was finally burnt out on the game come early September of 2014, and I took a break to play Destiny at release. I didn’t plan on staying away forever though, as Zenimax Online Studios had shown off a plethora of content planned for ESO at Quakecon in July 2014. The developers showed off their 4v4 PvP arena, concepts of multiple new zones, and even a spell crafting system. That and so much more was planned to be released by the end of 2014 or shortly after. However, the end of 2014 came, and almost none of the features planned for release that year came out. Instead, in January 2015, the news came that ESO would now be launched on consoles as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, as well as the game changing its subscription model. ESO would now be a buy-to-play came with an optional subscription. The rate of content releases past that point was definitely less frequent, and ESO not only started to lose my interest, but I was also slightly disappointed with the direction ESO was headed. In recent months though, especially with the addition of iconic guilds like the Dark Brotherhood, ESO has finally been adding and talking about the features that many players want. With the release of One Tamriel, dueling, and holiday events next month, I decided to come up with the top 10 features and content I would love to see added to ESO in the near future.

1. Weapon Dyeing

Dyeing a light armor set.

This feature of the game is probably the most simple one on the list, however I feel like it is long overdue. Armor dyeing was added in long ago, with shield dyeing being added earlier this year. It’s great being able to come up with a cool color scheme on my tank’s armor and shield, until it is ruined by the fact that I have a bright blue sword that makes it look like I never learned how to match.

 2. Arena PvP

Colovian Crossing PvP arena as shown in 2014.

The open world PvP area in ESO, also known as Cyrodil, is a great part of the game that someone could pour hundreds of hours into. Regardless of how fun it is though, it does lack that smaller scaled PvP element that many people love. It’s hard to beat the fun of a skill based 4v4 in a small arena that has all the action of Cyrodil, but leaves behind the hours racked up of riding a horse through a stark landscape. Not only is this a feature I have wished for in ESO for a long time, but they have even showed it off at Quakecon in 2014. Zenimax Online Studios has said Arena PvP will eventually be in the game, but it’s been over 2 years now and for a feature requested by so many, I feel this should be released sooner rather than later.

3. New Class Skill Lines

The Dragonknight skill line.

In recent DLC packs like Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, new skill lines have been added. This was definitely a step in the right direction, and what would be the next best step? Adding another class skill line altogether. In my opinion, adding an entirely new class to the game would create major balance problems. New class skill lines would breathe new life into all four classes, and would most likely be much easier to balance.

4. Spell Crafting.

Spell Crafting as it was shown in 2014.

This feature goes along with number 3, as it would add many new abilities to the game instead of entire classes. This was another really interesting feature that was displayed at Quakecon in 2014. Spell Crafting showed a ton of promise, and was perhaps the feature I was the most excited for. Though, like the arena PvP, it seems Zenimax decided to put the crafting system on hold, which was a major disappointment to me. ESO would be levels above what it is now with the Spell Crafting system put into place.

5. Player Housing

One of the many types of buildings found in Tamriel.

Player housing is not only a basic feature of almost any MMO I can think of, but a basic feature of most RPG’s in general. Zenimax Online Studios has mentioned this will be coming in a future update, and if that is true, a whole new level of added customization would be in the game. Here’s to hoping we can actually have decent customization of houses without having to spend money on crowns!

6. Auction Houses

A hired NPC guild store trader.

I know, ESO has guild stores, but that feature is honestly a major hindrance to the in game economy. Each guild store only has limited amounts of items, and guild stores are split across all of Tamriel. That means there may be 3 or 4 guild stores in Deshaan, where many people just stand around, and the roughly 1500 people in those guilds are controlling those prices with their limited items. This makes it tougher to not only buy items that you want, but to sell as well. If there was a server wide auction house, selling would be much easier, finding items would be significantly less of a hassle, and items would most likely be cheaper.

7. More Random World Events

One of many Coldharbour Dolmens.

Sure, There are a few events like dolmens or group bosses that are in every zone. However, I want more of the events like the random rifts from Coldharbour that spawn and drop daedra from the sky. These small daedra portal events feel almost like they were put in just to add more pointless content to the game. It is a cool concept, and If they went further with the idea, the zones would feel a lot more dynamic. They could add something like a giant attack in the rift, or maybe a mini bandit civil war. I’m sure if the devs took their idea further, the game would greatly benefit.

8. Increase Max Crafting level

A Khajit getting some blacksmithing done.

The Max crafting level since release has been level 50. Although, I would say this addition is most definitely the least important on the list, it is still an addition that could breathe more life into their fantastic crafting system. Possibly even adding more powerful, craftable armors only available to those at that max rank.

9. More solo zones


Wrothgar is my favorite DLC zone to be released so far, and Zenimax did a great job with it. Both Guild DLC packs also added new zones, but they were tiny and didn’t really add much to explore. More zones like Wrothgar would certainly pull many players back in, and give the dedicated player base another awesome area in Tamriel.

10. Transmogrify

Transmogrification in World of Warcraft.

Transmogrification, or any cosmetic style changer like that in SWTOR or DCUO is something I dream of having in ESO. Many of the cool styles you can craft in the game, like the glass armor for example, can take a while to get or take up a ton of your gold. It’s not only hard to get these styles, but by endgame when you are making yourself an armor set, you will most likely be sticking with that one set for a while. This is due to the simple fact that it takes many resources to make a yellow set of armor, especially if you want to make a set of glass armor using malachite shards. Then what happens if you don’t really enjoy that style anymore? I guess you are out of luck. The Elder Scrolls Online has a ton of cool armor styles, and the ability to collect those styles and craft them with lesser materials, simply for the style over your actual armor, would seriously increase the incentive to keep coming back to play ESO.

Overall, At this point in time, The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be headed in the right direction. If even half of these features were added to the game within a year, myself and most likely many others could sink a lot of time into the massive world of The Elder Scrolls Online. I may have left out a few features, but in my opinion, these are the features ESO needs sooner rather than later to remain alive in the competitive market of MMOs.


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