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Top 10 Tips for Overwatch Beginners

Overwatch has become undeniably popular even before it was released. Everyone from hardcore professionals to casual players have heard about Overwatch in one way or another. Many gamers will probably give Overwatch a try themselves, but if you want the upper hand before you jump in, here are the top 10 tips I came up with for a new player.


1. Audio


The audio and sound cues in Overwatch can be a major advantage. Enemies footsteps are actually louder than a teammate’s, alerting you to a flank or maybe an escape. Each ultimate on an enemy hero, as well as allies, has a specific audio cue, possibly telling you if you should hide from a junk rat tire or avoid an attack like Hanzo’s dragon.


2. Health Packs


There are multiple health packs scattered around on every map. There are the smaller 100 health packs, and the larger 250 health packs. learning where the health packs are on each map is an invaluable advantage that will keep you alive when you need it most.


3. Filling Roles


Overwatch is more than just your average run and gun shooter. of course there are your damage based characters, but to succeed in a match you will need more than just damage. Support characters and healers are also a fantastic idea. Just remember, the next time your team is lacking a a Reinhardt or a mercy, don’t just pick a soldier or a McCree. Fill the role your team needs!


4. Supports


Number 4 Coincides with the previous tip. Support characters, such as healers and tanks, are an essential role in Overwatch. Heroes such as Mercy or even a Zarya can change the direction of a game. What can the other team really do when you have a healer and they don’t? Having a support character in your matches is one step closer to having as many wins as possible.


5. Playing with friends

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Of course everyone doesn’t have a team to play Overwatch with when ever they want. However, if you do, having friends to communicate with in game can, not only make the match a lot more smooth, but can also make winning a lot more frequent.


6. UI Customization


Your User Interface can be customized quite a bit in Overwatch. Everything from mapping controls on your controller, changing what type of reticle you use, or even the color of that reticle. All these options can be found in options, then controls. Try out different combinations, and find out what works best for you.


7. Using Your Ultimate


Every hero in Overwatch has a powerful ultimate ability that is built up throughout the match. These are abilities that can change the pace of a match, such as taking over a point in an overtime situation. The important thing is to use your ultimate in the right situation, and never just dump it, such as wiping out a group, or counter ulting the enemy team.


8. Attack and Defense Heroes


In many cases, depending on the game mode, you will be attacking or defending. Some heroes like Genji are much better on the attack side. While heroes like Torbjorn really only shine when on defense. Playing the right heroes for what side you are on can make all the difference.


9. Learning Every Hero


Everyone has their favorite characters to play in Overwatch, but don’t forget that playing and learning every Hero is extremely useful. Not only will you be able to play different heroes for different situations, but you will also know all of their mechanics. Learning their mechanics will help play against those heroes, allowing you to know when an ability is down, or how to easily take down an enemy.


10. Head shots


The Last tip is to simply hit your head shots. Hitting your head shots can melt almost any character, and though it’s easier said than done, it is probably one of the most important things you can practice.

Though these ten tips hit what I though were some of the core aspects to understand in Overwatch, there is still plenty you will learn in your fight. Hopefully these tips will give you that extra upper hand against the millions of Overwatch players out there.

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